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3 VPN providers that respect your privacy with a freemium business model, so free for some basic features.

Why to use a VPN

If you landed here looking for some free VPN probably you already know what is a VPN. Anyway, here there is a short introduction about VPN. VPN stands for Virtual Private Network and it allows to use the internet more safely.

Some reasons to use a VPN are:

  • keep your data secure and online activity private
  • avoid geographic restrictions. For example some website limit the access to some services or to some videos to the users based in specific countries
  • access to some websites that are blocked by some firewall, that can happen when you use the internet network inside some institutions (for example in universities) or within certain countries
  • some online shops, for example in the travel industry, might price their products or services differently according to the location, based on the IP address, of the users. With a VPN you can change your IP address and then work around this kind of geo location pricing policy

On the market there are many VPN providers. Below there are 3 VPN services with a freemium business model.

A freemium model means that the users can utilize some basic features for free and then for more advanced features there are some costs.

Why to use a VPN with a freemium model

Using a freemium VPN service have some advantages:

  • you can test it for free, check if you like it and if it does what you need.
  • If you need to use a VPN only occasionally then a basic free account might be enough for your needs.
  • Since using a total free VPN can be insecure (if a company is not getting paid by its users then how it gets financed?) then a freemium tool can be a good solution to combine together security with some free basic services.


Windscribe has a free basic account with a limit bandwidth of 10 gb per month.

Windscribe works on computer, browser, mobile devices, TV and router.

You can pick with the free account about 10 countries and for more choices you need to upgrade your Windscribe account.


Tunnelbear has a free basic account with a limit bandwith of 500 mega per month.

The positive point of Tunnelbear is that you can use for free, within the bandwidth limits of your account, all their 34 locations.

Tunnelbear has an app for computer, browser and mobile devices.


ProtonVPN in the free account offers a connection to a server of your choice located in USA or Netherlands or Japan.

Probably because ProtonVPN does not have a limit bandwidth per month, the free account works only on one device per time.

ProtonVPN has an app for computer, mobile devices, Android TV.

ProtonVPN is a service provided by Proton Technologies AG, a swiss based company, that pays particular attention to privacy.

Comparison table

Here there is a comparison table between Windscribe, TunnelBear and ProtonVPN. The comparison is done between their free accounts. All these 3 companies, for an extra cost, offer more features.

VPN provider Free data per month Number of countries Log policy Main advantage
Windscribe 10 gb About 10 Do not log the users 10 gb + about 10 countries
TunnelBear 500 mega About 34 Do not log the users wide choice of countries
ProtonVPN Unlimited 3 Do not log the users unlimited bandwidth
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