Setup Gitlab with Rstudio


These are the steps to setup Gitlab in Rstudio cloud/desktop.

  1. Import a project from Gitlab:
  • you can import a new project from Gitlab in Rstudio cloud

Setup Gitlab with Rstudio

  • or if you are using Rstudio Desktop you can go to: File → New project → Version control Setup Gitlab with Rstudio
  1. Insert the url that you get from Gitlab → clone with HTTPS Setup Gitlab with Rstudio

with the format:

  1. go in Rstudio → Global Options → Git/SVN → click on Create RSA Key → click on View public key → copy the code

  2. In Gitlab go in settings → SSH Keys → paste the code from the previous step

  3. in Rstudio go to Terminal and paste the following:

  • git config - - global “YOUR EMAIL”
  • git config - - global “YOUR NAME”
  • git config remote.origin.url
  1. the first time that you commit you will be asked to type the username and password of Gitlab. If you are using in Gitlab the Two-Factor Authentication then instead of the password you need to paste the access token that you can get from: Gitlab → settings → Access token

The above steps are for Gitlab, for Github it works in a similar way.

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